Agnieszka Żarska

"A couple of years ago I was asked to do some concerts
in Poland with Agnieszka Żarska. It was a very nice experience
for me to work with someone who really understands how to
perform barockmusic well. 
Each year I come back to Poland to work with her and every
time it is a great pleasure. Meanwhile she has her own orchestra
and choir.  Not only she is leading them convincingly, but also
she knows to invite good musicians from Poland and abroad.
She worked also with a number of well-known soloists from all
over Europe.  Because she is a good singer herself, she
knows how to  accompany them.
So all skills for a good cooperation are given. Fine musicianship,
conducting, organizing, and last but not least a very friendly

                                   Peter Kooij - Amsterdam, March 2022
 Agnieszka Żarska - musicologist, conductor, choirmaster

For years she has been fascinated by early culture and music,
especially vocal polyphony.
Involved in music since the age of 6; she took her first steps
as a conductor at the age of 16, he conducted a polyphonic
youth choir in his family city - Bielsk Podlaski/Poland.
She graduated with honors from the Institute of Musicology
of the Catholic University of Lublin in Poland, defending
her master's thesis based on the analysis of sources,
the 13th-century Antiphonary of the Norbertine Sisters
from Imbramowice and passing the exam in specialization in
choral conducting including: Polish premiere of the Psalm
"Beatus Vir" by Claudio Monteverdi from the collection
"Selva morale e spirituale".
She improved her conducting skills during courses in
Gdańsk and Legnica, conducted by prof. Jan Łukaszewski and
prof. Uve Gronostay
In 2008, she participated in a rehearsal of J.S.Bach's St.John
Passion led by Nikolaus Harnoncourt at the Musikferein
in Vienna.

The key element of Agnieszka Żarska's conducting skills is
analysis sources and study of the work in a broad historical
and cultural context.
He considers his mission to be communicating musical
works to a wide audience.

She is a co-founder of the Szczawnicki Chamber Choir
association, on the basis of which she initiated and
developed original, international projects dedicated to
baroque music, such as:
Baroque Explorations Festival (13 editions, since 2011)
Baroque Collegium 1685 - Choir and Orchestra (since 2016)
Baroque Vocal Master Classes (since 2019)

He cooperates with outstanding artists and international
authorities, such as: Andreas Scholl, Peter Kooj,
Olga Pasiecznik, Krystian Adam Krzeszowiak, Benedikt
Kristjansson and others.

As the first Polish conductor she directed and recorded
the "Saul" Oratorio by G.F. Handel and Oratorios by
J.S. Bach (BWV 11, BWV 249), broadcasted on Polish TV.


Agnieszka Żarska - creator and manager of culture

Gained her theoretical knowledge about cultural management
during her studies postgraduate studies at the Institute
of Social Affairs of the Jagiellonian University of Krakov.
Agnieszka Żarska's greatest advantage is her extensive practical
experience, acquired through several years of active artistic and
cultural projects, built based on such features as: excellent
work organization, high degree communication skills, goal
orientation and high negotiation skills ability to work in a team
as a leader.
Since 2007 Agnieszka Żarska has been creating and managing
comprehensive original cultural projects with an international
reach. Her Baroque Explorations Festival was awarded in
2015  with the "Pearl of Pieniny" and the EFFE Label quality
certificate (2019, 2020 editions) awarded by an international
group of festival organizers.

Agnieszka Żarska is an effective and experienced fundraiser
and administrator. It obtains funds from regional, national and
international funds and from private entities. Collaborates with
cultural and diplomatic institutions.
He creates and implements individual projects high-quality
promotional campaigns. She is particularly appreciated as an
organizer, always acting with  passion and commitment.